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Lip Botox Injection

Lip and Dermal Fillers

The skin has a natural supply of hyaluronic acid which transfers nutrients from the bloodstream to the skin cells. 

Dermal fillers help to replace any lost volume in the face which occurs over time and with age.  

This then helps re-vitalise and rejuvenate the face and also helps to soften wrinkles and any deep lines that may also be on the face.

These deep lines are known as smile lines and they are also found between the nose and mouth.


Dermal fillers are often used on the lips and a lot of people also use dermal fillers for their cheeks.

This is a great process to add great definition and volume to the given area.

These treatments are very effective and will normally last up from 6 to 12 months.

For a beautiful young look why not book an appointment now with Darlington Aesthetics and add definition and volume to your face.


Nose to Mouth / Nasolabial


Lips / Dermal Fillers (Russian Lips)

0.5ml £140

1ml £185

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